Cake advice

Flavour menu

Our cakes are always baked fresh to order and we pride ourselves on using the finest quality and freshest ingredients available.

Vanilla – our traditional vanilla cake is a light sponge made with finest vanilla extract. Popular fillings for this cake are vanilla buttercream, with or without raspberry / strawberry jam.

Lemon – our lemon sponge is zesty and refreshing. Complimentary fillings for this cake are lemon curd buttercream, passion fruit curd buttercream or elder-flower buttercream.

Chocolate – a dense, rich and delicious chocolate cake, made with the finest organic cocoa powder. Chocolate has an affinity with so many other flavours so you can take your pick for wonderful fillings such as original chocolate, chocolate orange, salted caramel, white chocolate or Black Forest.

Carrot – a delicious, flavour-packed moist cake, filled with a zesty orange buttercream.

Toffee – a light golden sponge, filled with layers of salted caramel and a caramel buttercream.

Coffee and Walnut – a tea time favourite of a light coffee sponge with chopped walnuts and filled with an espresso coffee buttercream.

Cherry Bakewell – a moist almond sponge with chopped cherries, filled with almond buttercream and morello cherry jam.

Rich Fruit Cake – traditional brandy soaked dried fruits, cherries, mixed peel and nuts baked 2-3 months in advance so to allow flavours to mature. Covered with delicious marzipan and fondant.

Cake Servings

Below is a portion guide to how many slices can be obtained from each cake. Obviously, it depends on the person wielding the knife, but we offer the following guidelines. Cake Servings are based on 1” x 2” slices from cakes that are a maximum height of 6” high. Cake height can vary based on design, flavour and fillings.

Round Cakes – servings                    Square Cakes – servings
6” – 12                                                   6” – 18
8” – 24                                                   8” – 32
10” – 38                                                10” – 50
12” – 56                                                12” – 72
14” – 78                                                14” – 98
16” – 100                                              16” – 128

Example tiered cake servings
10” + 6” Round – 50 servings             10” + 6” Square – 68 servings
10” + 8” + 6” Round – 74 servings      10” + 8” + 6” Square – 100 servings

Cake servings for buttercream sponge cakes
6” – 8 to 10
8” – 12 to 16
10” – 20 to 26

Cake Storage Advice

Once you have purchased your cake you should treat it properly so that you can eat it to the last crumb. Here is our cake advice and information:

  1. Keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  2.  Do not put the cake in the fridge.
  3.  When you have cut our cake, store in an airtight container or cover cut sides with cling film.
  4.   A sponge cake is best consumed within 5 days of purchase

Food Hygiene Ratings

Penrhyn Bakes has been awarded a 5 star rating by New Forest District Council

Food Allergen info

All cakes are prepared in an environment that handles gluten, dairy produce and nuts. Although every care will be taken to ensure cross-contamination does not happen, it cannot be guaranteed.